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Medical Expenses

  Medical Expenses Help

The only medical expenses that count as deductions are expenses for people over age 59 or disabled people. That is why these are the only people in your household listed below. If no names are displayed, then this screen does not apply to your household.

Select each household member who has a medical expense. Enter an expense that is not covered by insurance or by another source. Also enter the amount paid for each expense and select how often the expense occurs. You may have multiple rows for the same person.

Medical expenses may include:

  • Health insurance premiums
  • Insurance co-payments
  • Visits to a doctor or hospital
  • Transportation to and from the doctor
  • Eyeglasses prescribed by a doctor or optometrist
  • Dentures, hearing aids, and prosthetics
  • Prescription medicines and over-the-counter medicines prescribed by a doctor
  • Costs of service animals, like a seeing-eye dog
  • Other out-of-pocket medical expenses that you can verify

If your household's medical expenses exceed $35, you may qualify for a standard medical expense deduction.

If no household member has medical expenses, or if there are no names in the list, please click 'Next' to proceed with the screening.

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Any financial or household information collected will only be used to calculate possible Food Stamp Program eligibility and will not be saved.