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Missouri Food Stamp Pre-screening Eligibility Tool (FSPET)

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This pre-screening tool can be used to determine if you may be eligible to receive Food Stamp benefits. This pre-screening tool is not an application for Food Stamp benefits. An application for Food Stamp benefits may be made at your local office. Click HERE to find the office that serves your area.

An application for Food Stamp benefits may also be made by printing an application (at the end of the pre-screening process), completing it, and mailing it to your local office.

Please click HERE for important information on warnings and disclaimers related to this pre-screening tool.

Before you begin, you may want to look up the amounts of your earnings, child support, SSI, social security, VA payments, rent or mortgage, utility bills, day care expenses, medical bills (if you are 60 or older, or disabled), and/or child support payments.

*Do you live in Missouri?      
(This pre-screening eligibility tool provides estimated results specifically for people who live in Missouri at the time they apply. Other states have different rules. To use the pre-screening eligibility tools for other states, click HERE.)

*Is any household member a seasonal or migrant farm worker?      
*Is this household homeless or living in a shelter?      

No identifying information such as names (only first names will be used as identifiers), addresses, or social security numbers will be collected on this website. Any financial or household information collected will only be used to calculate possible Food Stamp Program eligibility and will not be saved.